Authorities have published a medical report about the cause of death of Karimov

Islam Karimov died at 20.55 local time (18.55 GMT). This is stated in a medical report published on the government portal of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

At 20.15 local time (18.15 GMT) Islam Karimov “came the cardiac arrest”, says in conclusion. It occurred “notwithstanding the above activities, the full scope of diagnostic, therapeutic manipulation and intensive care”. Doctors ascertained biological death of the President of Uzbekistan at 20.55.

From the medical conclusion that Karimov was taken to the hospital on August 27 around 9: 00 am local time (7.00 GMT). He was brought to the Central clinical hospital of the Medical-sanitary Association of Ministry of health of the Republic of Uzbekistan “unconscious”.

During the examination, doctors found Karimov “acute violation of cerebral circulation with a massive subarachnoid hemorrhage (stroke)”, and the pressure was up to 250/120 mm Hg.St. Afterwards the President of Uzbekistan’s heart stopped. He managed to run in 20 minutes, but Karimov has developed “atonic coma with inhibition of the functions of the brain stem”. It hooked up to the ventilator.

However, despite intensive therapy, Karimov began to appear, the disruption of the internal organs — heart, blood vessels, kidneys, and liver. Karimov subsequently died.

Also the medical report says that their consultations during the treatment given by the Director of the Scientific center of cardiovascular surgery named after A. N. After Bakulev Leo Bokeria, Director of the Scientific center of neurosurgery named after N. N. Burdenko Alexander Potapov, Director of the Cardiothoracic center of Monaco) Professor Hugo Katus, Vice President and Executive Director of the Hannover international Institute of neurosurgery (Germany), Professor Julie Dreyfus and others.