Intelligence services of the Czech Republic has accused Moscow of conducting an information war in the country

Information security service of the Czech Republic (BIS) onlineladies Russia in information warfare in the country. These findings are contained in the annual report, published on the BIS website September 1.

Under “Counterintelligence operations” says that in 2015, the most active in the Czech Republic were the intelligence services of Russia and China. “In 2015, the priority of the Russian operations had been conducting an information war in the context of the Ukrainian and Syrian crises and the implementation of political, scientific, technological and economic espionage”, the report says.

According to the BIS, Russian intelligence officers operating mainly under diplomatic cover, their numbers remained in the past year, a disproportionately high compared with the diplomatic missions of other States.

The goal of Russian information warfare in 2015, the report said, was penetration in the local media and spreading propaganda and disinformation to influence Czech public, as well as attempts to undermine the Czech-Polish relations, dissemination of information, discrediting the EU and NATO, and undermine the reputation of Ukraine.

In last year’s report, BIS stated that Russia is trying to create in Europe the structure of ideological influence, similar to the Comintern. The document also talked about a large number of Russian agents and their supporters in the country, as well as the wide variety “white, gray and black propaganda.” With such accusations in the address of Russia acted earlier and Slovakia, the secret services which he accused Moscow of intensification of Russian intelligence to influence public opinion and heightened interest of the security services in the economic, scientific and military spheres, and also in the field of industrial espionage.