Putin has denied the Russian involvement in cyber attacks on the Democrats in the United States

Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with Bloomberg, which is also published on the Kremlin website, said that the allegations about the involvement of the Russian authorities for hacking the database of the US Democratic party are not true.

The Russian head of state noted that hackers today are “filigree” and can “show up in the right place at the right time your “footprint”, zakamuflirovanie “its activities with the activities of any other kind of hackers from other areas, from other countries.”

“It is absolutely trudnoperevarivaema thing, if it’s even possible to check it. In any case, at the state level we exact does,” — he stressed.

However, he added, most important in the history of hacking the database of the Democrats not who is behind it. “And then, does it matter who hacked these are some data from the campaign headquarters of Mrs. Clinton? Does it Matter?” — asked the journalist Putin. In his opinion, the most important is the content of “what has been presented to the public”. “Around this should be a discussion really. No need to divert public attention from the essence of the problem, replacing some minor issues with finding out who did it,” said the President.

Putin stressed that he “absolutely nothing is known” about the hacking, and that “at the state level, Russia has never not doing it”. According to him, he could not imagine “that this kind of information may be of interest to the American public”. “So even from this point of view, we can officially there could not climb. For this, you know, need to feel the nerve and peculiarities of the inner political life of the United States. Not sure that even our experts in the foreign Ministry feel it properly”, — concluded the head of state.