The FBI has published excerpts from the interrogation of Hillary Clinton

The FBI has published excerpts from the interrogation of former Secretary of state, the candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton, held in connection with the scandal with e-mail, Reuters reports, citing a statement by the Bureau.

The interrogation took place on 2 July. On it, according to the FBI, Clinton said she couldn’t remember the official instructions for the handling of classified information. The Bureau noted that in 2012, Clinton suffered a concussion of the brain, which could forget some information.

Clinton said he did not remember receiving his mail any documents that she felt should not have been present in the unclassified system of correspondence”, cites the FBI document Bloomberg.

Former us Secretary of state confirmed that she was aware of the fact that as Secretary of state she must classify certain information, but said he did not remember how to determine the secrecy.

That the FBI may publish the content of the questioning, Clinton, in late August, told CNN.

The scandal surrounding e-mails, Clinton erupted in March 2015, when it became known that she was at the time Secretary of state in 2009-2013 Hodiah used for personal email correspondence, although by law it is forbidden. Clinton herself claimed that the personal mail she mainly kept up a correspondence with the closest circle of advisers and does not transmit any sensitive data.

The FBI, which led the investigation, recommended that the U.S. justice Department to make the case for Clinton. U.S. attorney General decided not to present a candidate from the Democratic party any charges.

On 1 September it became known that the Romanian hacker Marcel Lazar, who admitted hacking into the email of Clinton, was sentenced to 52 months in prison in the United States.