The Kremlin has asked the Agency to remove a photo of Putin with British students

Information Agency was removed from their archives of pictures of the meeting of the meeting of Putin with students of the British Eton College in the Kremlin. About the meeting of Putin and ten students of the British elite at Eton College September 1, reported the British newspaper the Times. The newspaper was published a few pictures from this meeting.

According to the caption under one photo, the picture was taken by Mikhail Klymentiev (personal photographer of Vladimir Putin), and then transferred Thassa, after the service purchased by Getty Images. On the website TASS now photos itonami no, on the website of RIA Novosti photos from the meeting there, on the Getty Images web site images also not.

Four photos from the meeting are now posted on the website of Latvian news Agency Leta, under them is a mark TASS request to remove all photos with the caption “President Putin meets with students of Eton College”, dated August 25, 2016. The Times pointed out that the meeting was held during British Bank holidays from 27 to 29 August.

is a member of the Agency TASS; revision requested photos from the meeting, but images already in the database is not found. To remove images from the image Bank demanded the press service of the President told employees of photoreductive TASS. The official representative of the TASS refused to comment. According to the same request from the Kremlin and gave the Agency “RIA Novosti”. The employee of the press service RIA Novosti said that information on the request of the Kremlin to remove photos of the meeting does not possess.

Pictures was asked to remove because the meeting was informal, and publish photos of the meeting was not intended, explained one person familiar with preparations for the event. First, it was assumed that Putin will meet with students formally, but at the last moment the format changed, but the photo Department to warn did not, he explained.

“It was a closed meeting, TASS got a photo by mistake. At our request they are removed”, – said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

About the private nature of the meeting and told the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. Archimandrite Tikhon (Shevkunov), who was called the organizer of the meeting, also spoke about changing the format of the meeting. According to him, the College initially considered two options for the students ‘ visit to Moscow: as individuals and as the official delegations, but later it was decided to choose the first option.

The meeting with the Russian leader students Ethan spent over a year in an atmosphere of virtually complete secrecy, wrote The Times. One of the participants David Wei said that her organization took ten months, 1040 letters, 1000 text messages and countless sleepless nights.” The students ‘ visit was aimed at defusing the relations of the West with the Russian leader, claimed the publication.