The Kremlin said the announcement of the death of the President of Uzbekistan

In the Kremlin commented on the Reuters story, which cited three diplomatic sources, about the death of the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov. “Until the fed news. In this case believe that the original may be the only official information that comes from Tashkent,” — said press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, reports .

On the question of whether to go Russian leader to the funeral in case of death of the President, Peskov said: “I this subjunctive is not considered valid in this matter.”

Earlier Reuters, citing three diplomatic source said that Karimov had died. “Yes, he died”, — said one of interlocutors of Agency. Sources “Interfax” in the government of Uzbekistan has refrained from comments in connection with Reuters.

On 29 August, the Agency “Fergana” wrote about the death of Karimov. The Kremlin then announced that found no evidence of the data about the death of the Uzbek President. In addition, the sources of “Interfax” and “RIA Novosti” in the government and the presidential administration claimed that Karimov is alive and is in hospital in serious but stable condition.

Earlier on Friday, the Uzbek media have published the message of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic, which reported that the state of Karimov in recent days has deteriorated dramatically. Cabinet also confirmed the reports that Karimov suffered a stroke.

In addition, Reuters reported that President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev will suspend its participation in the summit of G20 in China and will make an emergency visit to Uzbekistan. The Agency noted that the visit to Tashkent means that the government Nazarbayev is preparing for the official announcement of the death of the President of Uzbekistan.

On the eve of the Agency “Fergana” referring to the photographs made by his correspondents, wrote that in Samarkand — the home of Karimov is preparing for the funeral. “Fergana” reported that on the death of the head of state will be announced on Friday, September 2, and the funeral will be held on the following day, 3 September. Reuters, citing sources reported that the authorities of Samarkand urgently mobilized civil servants. The interlocutor of Agency has not excluded that this may be a sign of preparation for the funeral.