Body Karimov sent from Tashkent to Samarkand

The body of the President of Uzbekistan, on whose death, the authorities said yesterday, sent from Tashkent to Samarkand, reports TASS. In Samarkand on 3 September will be held the funeral of Islam Karimov.

According to the Agency, at the airport of Tashkent the funeral cortege was met by over a thousand people. The coffin Karimov was covered with a white tippet and the national flag of the country, the procession was accompanied by a company of Marines, clerics and relatives Karimov.

At the airport the coffin was brought soldiers, he was sent to Samarkand. The airspace over the city for civil flights is now closed, notes TASS.

As reported the correspondent from Tashkent, the morning of Saturday, September 3, along the route, which went the funeral cortege lined by several thousand people with flowers in their hands.

According to the correspondent of “RIA Novosti”, when the motorcade drove by people they threw under the wheels of cars flowers a — crying.