Donald trump has bypassed Hillary Clinton in the opinion polls

According to a survey conducted by the sociological centre of Ipsos and Reuters in the period from 26 August to 1 September for a candidate from the Republican party, Donald trump would have voted in the presidential election in November of this year, 40% of respondents. For the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton would vote 39% of respondents. The remaining respondents would vote for other candidates, if they had the opportunity

A survey by Reuters and Ipsos conducted online in English in all 50 States of the USA. In the study, which was conducted from August 26 to September 1 took part 1804 of potential voters.

The previous poll by Reuters and Ipsos, whose data were published 26 August, showed the separation of Clinton from trump 5%. For the candidate of the Democrats were ready to vote 41% of the respondents, 36% are ready to support a Republican. 23% of the electorate has not endorsed any of the candidates. The survey by Reuters and Ipsos from August 24 showed that Clinton was willing to vote is 12% more voters

Overall, as noted by Reuters, opinion polls show the margin of Clinton throughout the presidential race. According to polls Reuters and Ipsos, Trump managed to beat only twice: in may of this year and at the end of July.

In may, when its other rivals in the Republican party, trump was ahead of Clinton by 0.3%. In July, he went ahead by 2% after it was officially nominated as a candidate from the Republican party. According to the survey, conducted in the period from 22 to 26 July, 39% of potential voters would support trump, and 37% would support Clinton, while 24% would not give voice to any of them.