Human rights activists reported about the downed Syrian helicopter

Members of the group of “Jaish al-Azza,” which includes the power of the “Free Syrian army” (FSA) shot down a military helicopter in the province of Hama in Syria, Reuters reports with reference to the statement by “Jaish al-Azza and the data of the Syrian monitoring center for human rights.

As noted by Reuters, in a statement, the group says that “the Jaish al-Azza” “destroyed a Russian helicopter”. The footage posted by the rebels visible outbreak after landing the helicopter and thick black smoke, and seen as rebels launch a rocket from American heavy anti-tank missile system TOW, Reuters reports.

According to the Syrian monitoring centre for human rights, which also refers to the Agency that the helicopter allegedly belonged to the Russian space forces, he was shot down by a missile upon landing.

To receive the operative comment from the defense Ministry to Reuters failed.

At the same time, the Agency Sputnik source in Syria said that the militants shot down a helicopter of the Syrian Armed forces. “Brought down a Syrian army helicopter, killed the pilot and an assistant,” — said the Agency interlocutor.