Putin urged Abe to find a compromise on the peace Treaty issue

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin during the plenary session of the Eastern economic forum in Vladivostok, said the need to solve the problem of a peace Treaty with Japan. “We are all United in one thing — the problem should be solved”, — he said (quoted by “Interfax”).

The Russian head of state drew attention to the words participating in the session Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe, which, according to Putin, there was a “good and trustworthy relations”, that each side has their own vision of this issue. “Our past should not prevent us from moving forward. But of course, we have to think over how to get rid of the problems that we are not allowed to go as fast as we would like. I hope that these problems will solve”, — he stressed.

Russia and Japan should set an example of a compromise decision, Putin said. “In solving these problems, none of the parties should not feel slighted or losers. In the history some examples of this approach and this decision. But I really hope that we will be able to give an example,” the Russian leader said, adding: “We want it to. We know that the Japanese side wants this.”

According to Putin, the foreign Ministers of the two countries are working to find ways to resolve historical contradictions between Russia and Japan. “We will from the political level to support it. Of course, as Shinzo [the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe] said, we are ready to take decisive steps, but they must be well prepared,” added the Russian President.

Earlier during the plenary session at the Eastern economic forum, Abe has offered Russian President “to put an end to this abnormal situation, which has continued for 70 years.” “The fact that between Japan and Russia, important for each other neighbouring countries with limitless potential between them is still not concluded a peace Treaty, can only be described as an abnormal situation,” said Abe.

Turning to the Russian President, Prime Minister of Japan stressed that they “are of the same generation”. “Let’s be bold and take responsibility, let’s overcome all difficulties and leave the young people of the next generation a world in which our two countries will reveal their powerful potential,” Putin urged Abe.

He also offered to meet the Russian leader “once a year in Vladivostok”. This, in his opinion, it is necessary to check, “how are the eight points of our cooperation.”