The Ministry of defense of Ukraine announced the beginning of large-scale gatherings of reservists

September 3 began in Ukraine on charges of reservists, which will involve more than 8 thousand people, reported the press service of the defense Ministry of the country. The report notes that in the course of training will focus on military training, reservists may not outfits, household work, combat training and other activities.

“For September 9 will draw teams in all operational commands of the 5 areas. Will involve more than 8,000 reservists, 10 percent of them are officers. Sessions will take place in two stages: first — from 3 to 15 September, the second — 12-24 September,” — said in the message of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine.

The gathering time will best be used to improve the level of combat training, coordination of actions of divisions and crews”, — assured the Ministry of defence.

Training to complete the brigade tactical exercises with combat shooting, which will take part is formed of active military personnel and reservists mixed units.

“The main goal of the exercise is a mechanism for rapid resupply of units and formations of forces of the operational reserve in the case of outright aggression,” — said the defense Ministry.

According to the defence Ministry, currently in Ukraine, about 85 thousand reservists.