The Turkish army opened a new front in Syria

In the framework of the military operation “Shield of the Euphrates, Turkey has opened a new front in Syria: Turkish tanks and heavy equipment crossed the Syrian border and headed to the town of al-Rai, reports Hurriyet.

The report notes that Turkey sent Leopard tanks in addition to tanks M60T involved earlier in the operation in Syria. In addition, Syria deployed several armoured vehicles and mine protected Kirpi. The new combat area is located about 25 miles West from where the Turkish troops crossed the border with Syria during the first operation on the territory of this country, which began in August.

On the intersection of Turkish tanks and howitzers Syrian border, reports Reuters with reference to information Agency Dogan.

The operation “Shield of the Euphrates started in the North of Syria on August 24. Then Turkey has entered the territory of the country of 40 tanks, which were supported by about a thousand Syrian rebels. Damascus has accused Ankara then in violation of the sovereignty of the country.

26 August, the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Omar Kurtulmus said that his country had not entered the war, launched “operation Shield of the Euphrates in Northern Syria, and does not intend to maintain their military presence there. According to him, “Turkey is not an occupier.” However, he noted that the Turkish army is not going to “observe”, if threats against her.

“All stakeholders, including Damascus, was informed about the “Shield of the Euphrates. We are confident that this was informed by Russia,” said Kurtulmus. Vice Prime Minister assured that the aim of the operation is the purification of the region from Islamic state (organization banned in Russia). He also said that Turkey intends to prevent the factions of the Syrian Kurds to organize a corridor, which separates Syria.

The white house has condemned the invasion of the: Deputy assistant to the President for national security Ben Rhodes said then that Turkey’s actions in areas where the representatives of the Syrian opposition will only exacerbate the situation in the region. Rhodes also said that President Barack Obama will meet with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on 4 September at the summit of “Big twenty” in Beijing.

The Russian foreign Ministry called on Turkey not to attack the Syrian opposition and the Kurds and selective in the choice of targets during the anti-terrorist operation” in Syria. The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that Moscow supports the coordination of all military operations in Syria with the legitimate government of the country.