Thousands of residents of Tashkent took to the streets to bid farewell to Karimov

Residents of Tashkent on the morning of Saturday, September 3, took to the streets to bid farewell to Islam Karimov, whose death authorities announced yesterday evening, the correspondent . According to him, the action was attended by several thousands of Tashkent.

Along the Central streets, which should drive the motorcade with the body of Karimova, in two rows lined up the residents, some of them holding flowers. From the roadway they are separated by a police cordon the police also lined up in two rows, at a distance of about two meters from each other. Traffic on neighboring streets blocked. The city also changed the schedule of the trains, reports .

The funeral cortege must travel from the First city hospital of Tashkent to the airport, where the President’s body on the plane will fly to Samarkand for burial.