Changes in Moore explained to strengthen the fight against ethnic crime

Recent structural changes in the system of the Moscow criminal investigation Department (CID), in which almost all the employees took over the state, associated with the desire to strengthen the fight against ethnic crime. This was “Rosbaltu” said a source in law enforcement bodies.

“Now in the Moore operates a so-called common ethnic division that deals with criminal elements, people from the Caucasus and natives of Central Asia. That is to say, the main problem contingent. However, the events on Khovansky a cemetery have shown that the current realities of the General Department is not enough. Operatives is just not enough to keep track of crime in the Caucasus and Central Asia. As a result, after all the changes in Moore will be two of the division. One would be to develop criminal elements from the Caucasus and the other from Central Asia. The total number of employees working in ethnic groups will increase,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

In addition, in the CID, according to a source, will be strengthened by the operational-search part of the dealing disclosure fraud General criminal orientation. “All these psychics, fortune-tellers, traders, Badami and so forth, are fleecing the population had multiplied so much that it is not enough employees. This area also has been decided to strengthen”, — said the source of “Rosbalt”.

The resignation of the head of Moore Igor Zinoviev was the choice of the General, explained the Agency interlocutor. “He has recently said that he was uncomfortable in this position and would like to get back to work “on the ground”. As a result of his being transferred by the chief of police of one of the districts,” — said the source Agency.