Commander of the Riot police became the military leader of ISIS

The new military leader of the banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” (ISIL) murdered together in the spring of this year, Umar al-Shishani was the former head of Riot police of the interior Ministry of Tajikistan Gulmurod Khalimov, also known by the nickname al-Tajiki. It is reported by the Iraqi channel Alsumaria, citing a source in the security services of the country.

According to the interlocutor of the channel, on the election of a new commander who replaced “the Chechen military chief al-Shishani”, the militants not officially announced because of security reasons.

August 30, U.S. authorities announced a reward of $3 million for information on the whereabouts of Khalimova. The state Department called it one of the key leaders of the “Islamic state”. “Khalimov is a former Colonel in the Tajik special forces and military sniper, led a special detachment of the interior Ministry of Tajikistan. He is now a member of ISIS and recruiter,” — said in a statement, the U.S. state Department.

In may 2015, the Network appeared in a propaganda video in which Halimov has declared that went to fight in Syria, and called for armed struggle against the authorities of the United States, Russia and Tajikistan. In June, the Tajik authorities accused Khalimova treason and declared in the international search. In September 2015, the United States imposed sanctions against Khalimova against international terrorist. Also sanctions against the terrorist entered the UN.

In July 2016, the Agency Amaq transmitting news on behalf of ISIS, reported the death of the military leader of the militants batarishvili Tarhan, known as Abu Umar al-Shishani (Omar the Chechen). Al-Shishani was born in the Pankisi gorge in Georgia, where mostly Chechens live. His father was Christian and mother is a Chechen-kislinkoj. According to unconfirmed reports al-Shishani, participated in combat actions in Chechnya.

According to reports Amaq, al-Shishani was killed in battle in the Iraqi city of Secret, South of Mosul. On his death it was reported earlier, in March Reuters, citing senior sources reported that the terrorist was killed in bombing near the Syrian town of al-Shadadi.

In 2014, about the death of al-Shishani said the acting head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov. “The enemy of Islam batarishvili Tarhan, who called himself Omar al-Shishani, killed,” wrote Kadyrov on his page in Instagram.