Syrian rebels backed by Turkey seized several villages

Turkish tanks on Saturday entered the rebel-controlled Syrian city of al-Rai near the Turkish-Syrian border. With their support, the rebels were able to repel the militants of the “Islamic state” (recognized organization banned in Russia) several nearby villages, reports Reuters with reference to representatives of rebel groups.

We are talking about settlements, located East and South of al-Rai. “They took several villages, about eight. First they captured two villages, but moved away from them, but then received reinforcements and again started to attack,” – said the Agency representative of the group “Fastack” Zakaria Malagigi.

On Saturday it was reported that Turkey has opened a new front in Syria as part of military operation “Shield of the Euphrates. Turkish newspaper Hurriyet reported that Turkish tanks and heavy equipment crossed the Syrian border and headed to the town of al-Rai, which is controlled by powtarzam.

It was noted that in addition to the tanks M60T involved earlier in the operation in Syria, Turkey sent tanks Leopard and deployed several armoured vehicles and mine protected Kirpi.

Turkey launched a military operation “Shield of the Euphrates in Northern Syria on August 24. When Turkey entered the territory of a neighbouring country about 40 tanks, which were supported by about a thousand Syrian rebels. The new combat area is located about 25 km West of the site of the initial operation of Turkey in Syria.