Theresa may has warned Britons about the “hard times” in connection with Brexit

Britain should be prepared for “hard times” that will come once the country leaves the European Union. This statement was made Prime Minister of great Britain Theresa may during the show, Andrew Marr on “bi-Bi-si”. It is noted that this is her first big interview since taking office.

She warned that Brexit will not be easy for the country, despite the positive economic performance after the referendum. “But I’m not going to pretend that everything will be easy. I think we need to be prepared for the fact that we have some difficult times,” she said.

The Prime Minister expressed confidence that the country will benefit from leaving the EU, but also stated that “optimistic” regarding new opportunities for the UK out of the European Union.

According to her, she wants “an independent Kingdom, which paves its own path in the world.”

Mei said that formal negotiations will not begin until 2017, but promised that this process will not be delayed.