In the attacks near the Russian base in Syria killed 30 people

A series of terrorist attacks occurred on Monday in Syria on the territories controlled by the government of Bashar Assad. As a result of two explosions in the province of Tartus, 30 people were killed and 45 injured, according to Syrian state Agency SANA, citing a source in the region.

Previously, the Agency reported 11 killed in the terrorist attacks in Tartus. SANA noted that the first bridge across the highway exploded by a car bomb, and when to a scene there arrived rescuers, a suicide bomber detonated an explosive belt.

According to the Lebanese newspaper Daily Star the terrorist attacks occurred at the entrance to the port of Tartus used by the Russian fleet as a point of logistics.

The main population of the province of Tartus is an ethno-religious minority, the alawites, to which President Assad and his entourage.

Base in Tartus Russia uses Soviet times. Through it is carried out by sea supply for the supply of Russian forces in Syria.

On Monday morning there were explosions in the city of HOMS, in the Damascus suburb in the city of El-Hasaka in northeast Syria, which is controlled by the Kurds, according to “al Jazeera”.

Responsibility for the attacks has not yet took none of the existing regional groups.