In the South of Russia began strategic exercises “Caucasus-2016”

Strategic command-staff exercises of the Armed forces of Russia “Caucasus-2016”, which will be held from 5 to 10 September, started on the grounds of the southern military district and in the waters of the Black and Caspian seas. This was announced by the Department of information and mass communications of the Ministry of defense, reports “RIA Novosti”. The exercise was attended by 12.5 thousand troops, the latest technology, aircraft and ships.

The exercise will test the preparedness of military authorities on the management of multiservice groups, and also gives practice commanders and staffs in planning, preparing and conducting military operations, said the Ministry of defense.

Separate connections and military units of the Land forces, aerospace defence forces, Navy and airborne troops will work out tactical episodes of the action on the grounds of the southern military district.

According to the war Department, especially the exercises “Caucasus-2016” is the organization of work of control centers at all levels using the latest automation tools, testing of new types of arms, military equipment and management systems, and broad use of aviation forces and black sea fleet and the Caspian flotilla.

At the stage of preparation for large-scale exercises “Caucasus-2016” in August, there were 12 special exercises for the types of comprehensive support, including for the first time — by types of collateral of the Navy, said the Ministry of defense.

In particular, the eve of the “Caucasus-2015” on August 25, the Russian President and Supreme commander Vladimir Putin announced the sudden check of combat readiness of the armed forces. Check, affecting the southern, Western and Central military districts and the Northern fleet, FSI and airborne, ended August 31.

As he said “RIA Novosti” the President of Academy of geopolitical problems Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov, the August inspection of the combat readiness of the Russian armed forces became the largest in a year and a half.