Media reported the release of the Turkish-Syrian border from ISIS

The Turkish army, with the support of the Free Syrian army liberated the Turkish-Syrian border from the militants of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). Anadolu reported, citing sources.

According to them, the rebels, supported by the Turkish military, took under their control the territory from the town of Azaz to the town of Jerablus.

“With the advent of the belt under the control of the Free Syrian army and extending to a distance of three to five kilometers into Syrian territory, physical contact LIH Turkish border has been completely liquidated”, — underlined in the message Anadolu.

Yesterday it was reported that the Syrian rebels managed to repel the is militants in some villages in the North of Syria with Turkey.

The military operation “shield of the Euphrates” was initiated by Turkey in Northern Syria on August 24. Turkey has imposed on Syrian territory, about 40 tanks that supported mail thousands of Syrian rebels.

3 September, Turkey opened a second front in 25 km to the West of where the Turkish troops crossed the border with Syria during the first operation. Ankara has sent Leopard tanks in addition to tanks M60T involved earlier in the operation in Syria. In addition, Syria had deployed several armored vehicles and mine protected Kirpi.