Putin spoke about the talks with Obama on Syria

Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama spent the first year for a personal meeting. Since November of last year, they talked on the phone. At the summit of “twenty” in Chinese Hangzhou they talked for almost half an hour. Both described the meeting as Frank and open, but the breakthrough it brought.

Obama said he and Putin discussed the cease-fire in Syria, in which Russia and the United States could focus on the fight against ISIS and An-Nusra” (the two terrorist organizations banned in Russia).

Putin at a press conference following the summit said that they discussed the situation in Syria and Ukraine. Discussed: the first topic is Syria and about the possibility of our cooperation in this area, and we and the USA are interested in the fight against terrorism,” the President said. According to Putin, he sensed the interest of the President of the United States to resolve the situation in Syria and the fight against terrorism.

The concrete results of the meeting with Obama, the Russian President said.

“No matter what, we have a certain convergence of positions and understanding of what we could do to defuse the situation in Syria,” — he was limited to this statement. The Russian President pointed out that now “it is not possible to say definitively”, as the Russian foreign Ministry and the state Department finalize the questions. “I think we are on the right path,” Putin said.

The President said that in passing touched on the sanctions-related, but not discussed in detail. Putin also called for full normalization of relations with the United States: “we Hope that full normalization will happen.” “The current state is abnormal, we want to restore full relations”, — said the Russian leader.

At the talks on Syria, discussed the delivery of humanitarian aid, the decrease in the level of hostilities against armed groups, told Reuters a senior us official.

Until the presidents ‘ meeting for the second two day meeting was held by the Ministers of foreign Affairs, but they failed to reach a final agreement. Obama, Putin instructed the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry to continue negotiations. They’re supposed to meet this week. Us officials told Reuters that if there will be no progress, the us will stop the negotiations. “If agreement could be reached, we want it to be achieved urgently because of the humanitarian situation (in Syria). Nevertheless, we must be sure that the agreement is to be effective,” — said the official Agency. “If we don’t get agreement, we will stop attempts,” he added.

The interlocutors of the Agency, the U.S. state Department has not told on what issues generally remain differences. Russian officials said earlier that the agreement does not allow the fact that the US still has not separated the opposition groups they support terrorist groups.

Not only Syria

Putin and Obama also discussed the situation in Ukraine. The US President said that sanctions against Russia will remain until the Minsk agreement on Ukraine not fulfilled. “There are the Minsk agreements… but they are not executed. I made it clear that until they are done the US will not lift sanctions (with Russia),” said Obama, commenting on the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin (quoted by “RIA Novosti”). According to him, in the coming weeks the parties should finalize the document and understand the sequence in which the document will be translated into reality.

The talks between Putin and Obama took place against the backdrop of the Turkish operation “Shield of the Euphrates. From 24 August to 5 September, the opposition forces of the “Free Syrian army” (FSA) with the support of the Turkish military seized the border area of 600 sq km of captured territory Previously held by the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia). Less than two weeks the troops joined the border town of Jerablus with the city of Azaz in the southern province of Aleppo. Now partially Azaz is under the control of the moderate Syrian opposition. Across town, the opposition was carrying arms and supplies from Turkey to Aleppo, which was helping the “Free Syrian army” to keep the parts of the city. In the summer of 2016 Azaz was cut off Aleppo from government forces. Tensions in the border region creates a neighborhood occupied by Turkey territories with Kurdish military forces. The people’s protection units continue to hold the city of Manbij, located to the South of Jerablus, and continue the movement to the West from the Euphrates to bypass the expectations of Turkey and the United States. Over-held territories, the government of Turkey is going to establish a no-fly zone, a buffer between the Turkish border and ISIS controlled territories. This was during a G20 summit in China, said the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan. In addition, the further advance of the opposition in the South will keep the Kurdish cantons in the West and the East Syrian connection.