Putin will visit Uzbekistan to honor the memory of Karimov

Russian President Vladimir Putin gathers on Tuesday, September 6, to visit Uzbekistan, to “pay respects” Islam Karimov. He declared it during communication with journalists after G20 summit in Chinese Hangzhou.

Putin noted that Karimov has done a lot for the development of Uzbekistan as an independent state. According to the head of state, death of a President is a big loss for the country. The Russian leader added that Karimov had a very good relationship.

“He was very good to me personally was concerned, we had very good relations. He’s older, to me always by name and you are addressed,” — said Putin. According to him, it is possible to examine specific moments in the history of Uzbekistan. However, Karimov has managed to maintain stability and achieve development of the country, concluded the President of Russia.

Presidential aide Yuri Ushakov later said that Putin’s visit to Samarkand where he was buried Karimov, will be private, reports “RIA Novosti”. “[The President will go] to Samarkand. Private trip. The President would like to Express my sympathy and condolences”, — he said.

The Russian delegation held on September 3 funeral Karimov was headed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. In the Kremlin explained that Putin will not be able to attend the ceremony due to his tight schedule.

“I will not go because of my schedule. Can not speak at the plenary session [of the Eastern economic forum]. From Vladivostok. — ) to fly to Samarkand for more than seven hours, the time is physically impossible”, — said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

The Uzbek authorities announced the death of Karimov, September 2. The President was 78 years old. Later in Tashkent reported that he was taken to hospital on 27 August an “unconscious”. Doctors diagnosed him with a stroke. Karimov had suffered a cardiac arrest and then slipped into a coma and later died. On 3 September he was buried at home in Samarkand.