Rostec would amount to development on the “Spring law”

Localization of the hardware and software necessary for the execution of the “law of Spring” cost of 10.3 billion rubles About this “Vedomosti” with reference to the estimates of “Rostec”, which is contained in the Annex to the letter of the acting General Director of Rostec Vladimir Artyakov Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov. The calculations confirmed the publication close to “Rostechnadzor” the source.

From the document it also follows that work by 4.8 billion RUB from this list can be funded from the programme in the presence of co-financing in the amount of 50%. No specific state program does not mean — we are talking about one of the options for financing the development through long-term government contracts, said close to “Rostechnadzor” the interlocutor of the newspaper.

Reminiscent of “Vedomosti”, the desire to “Rostec” to become the sole operator of the storage system for the enforcement of the “law of Spring” became known in mid-August. Last week, the Ministry announced by President Vladimir Putin the results of the analysis of possibilities of timing and cost for organization of domestic production of hardware and software needed for implementation of the law. The Ministry of industry conducted an assessment on the two options proposed and Rostec to create a single operator account is more promising.

According to the representative of “Rostec”, to create a unified system of the state Corporation proposes to use the resources and equipment of Russian producers — as included in rostec, and independent companies. Implementation of the project appeared many times cheaper than earlier media estimates of 2.2 trillion rubles, he said, adding that the exact cost cannot be determined, since there is no requirements specification.

According to estimates Rostec, all the products of the Corporation were divided into five types. Development of domestic servers — the most expensive, it will cost of 7.15 billion rubles, of which the localization of chipsets and processors will require 5 billion and RUB 2 billion; they will be able to produce a “Micron” and “Angstrem-T”. Domestic of memory modules in the foreseeable future will not appear, said rostec.

Switches and routers — network equipment — could be developed, respectively, for 450 million and 900 million rubles can cope With this as Kraftway (produces computers and servers at the factory in Obninsk), and “daughter” of “Rostec” United instrument-making Corporation, as well as the EZAN Chernogolovka and Zelenograd contract collector of electronics “Altonika”.

850 million rubles will cost localization of data storage systems such as disk shelves (300 million roubles) and disk controllers (RUB 450 million). Hard, solid state and tape drives are encouraged to continue to buy abroad. Jobs user based processor “Elbrus” can be developed for 300 million rubles. Finally, as planned, rostec, the Russian will and all application software, which developed the NCI. The cost will amount to 650 million rubles abroad issued file system and database.