In the United States has expanded the list of sanctioned enterprises

The list, which is posted for review on the website of Federal Register and will be published on Wednesday, listed 81 companies under 86 names. Most of them were in the sanctions list of the U.S. Treasury Department from September 1. However, 11 of the companies mentioned in the document of the Ministry of trade, informed the Ministry of Finance did not specify.

In this list are: “Angstrom M” “Angstrom”, “Angstrom-T”, “foreign economic Association Radioexport”, “Perm scientific-industrial instrument making company”, “Micron”, JSC NPF “Mikran”, “NPO ” Granat”, “company Technopol”.

Also on the list was the company Giovan Ltd and “Technopole Ltd”, which specifies the addresses in India and Hong Kong.

The entry in the list, the Entity List of the U.S. Department of Commerce implies a very strict export control regime of the United States. If someone wants to legally sell the companies in this list any “sensitive” goods of us origin, the U.S. Department of Commerce to refuse a license for delivery. Practically, this means a ban on the supply of any product or software product of U.S. origin that are subject to export control regulations of the United States (Export Administration Regulation). The rules also prohibit the re-export, or transfer within Russia such goods, that is, to comply with the restrictions required of any company regardless of nationality and country of shipment if the product is of American origin.