Kiev saw a military threat to the Russian maneuvers “Caucasus-2016”

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry estimated exercises of the armed forces of Russia “Caucasus-2016”, which take place on the grounds of the southern military district and in the waters of the Black sea and Caspian sea as “provocative actions” from Moscow and expressed “deep concern”.

“A large-scale buildup of interspecific grouping of troops in the occupied territories and on the border of Ukraine, to bring it into the highest combat readiness indicates increased direct military threat to Ukraine”, — is spoken in the message published on the website of the foreign Ministry.

In addition, the Ukrainian foreign Ministry noted that “under the guise of a sudden check the combat readiness of the armed forces from 25 to 31 August, Russia “has concentrated on the South-West group of forces numbering about 100 thousand (including about 41 thousand near the borders of Ukraine)”.

The Ministry calls on Russia to stop provocative military expansion in the occupied territories and on the border with Ukraine and ensure steps to reduce the tension” and called on the international community “to encourage Russia to refrain from provocations”.

Strategic command-staff exercises of the Armed forces of Russia “Caucasus-2016 was launched on 5 September and will run until September 10. Take part in them 12,5 thousand military personnel, the latest equipment, aircraft and ships, the defence Ministry reported. The Agency noted that the features of the exercises “Caucasus-2016” are organization of work of control centers at all levels using the latest automation tools, testing of new types of arms, military equipment and management systems, and broad use of aviation forces and black sea fleet and the Caspian flotilla.

On 6 September the Ministry of defense reported that the exercises “Caucasus-2016” will involve anti-aircraft missile system s-400 Triumf, s-300 Favorit missile and gun systems, ground-based “Carapace-C”.