Media reported chemical attack by Syrian authorities in Aleppo

Government helicopters dropped barrel bombs with chlorine at district Sukari in the Eastern part of the Syrian city Aleppo, which has been recorded dozens of cases of suffocation. About it reports Reuters with reference to the rescue of the “Syrian civil defense” organization, operating in rebel-held areas of Syria.

According to the organization, the attack, 80 people have experienced a panic attack, however, about the victims not reported. Based in the UK Syrian Observatory for human rights, citing medical reported 70 cases of suffocation.

In turn, Al Jazeera, citing local activists and medical sources reported at least one dead and over one hundred victims of alleged gas attack in Aleppo. According to the publication, on the rebel-controlled area Sukari government helicopter dropped two bombs with gas. Also clarifies that the bombs were dropped on Tuesday.

The Syrian army was unavailable for comment on the recent statements of the “Syrian civil defense”, said Reuters. All previous allegations of use of chemical weapons in the civil war, ongoing since 2011, the Syrian government denied.

August 2, Reuters with reference to the “Syrian civil defense” reported that in the area of the Syrian city Seracare, where he was shot down a military helicopter Mi-8 with two Russian officers on Board, was dropped containers with toxic gas. Commenting on this statement, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov called it “stuffing”. According to him, it is not clear what the basis for such messages.

The use of chlorine as a weapon is prohibited by international treaties. In August, the investigation conducted by the United Nations, confirmed that the Syrian army at least twice used poison gas in 2014 and 2015.