Office structure “Renova” in the center of Moscow came to check

Office structure “Renova” in the center of Moscow came to check

Moscow. September 5. Law enforcement officers carry out inspections at PJSC “T Plus”, which is included into group “Renova” Viktor Vekselberg and his partners, reported in a press-service of “T Plus”.

There is assumed that the test is likely connected with the situation around heat supply of Vorkuta, and assured that the company is ready to cooperate and provide all necessary documents.

As has informed a source in law enforcement, special forces moved to the Moscow office of “Renova” in Malaya Ordynka to ensure the operational-investigative actions. Interfax does not have official confirmation of this information.

Edition Legal Report revealed that searches of Renova may be associated with the President to understand the situation around Vorkuta CHPP.

Selling instead of restoring

In late August, the Komi Republic Prosecutor’s office began checking the activities of Vorkuta CHPP” (included in “T-Plus”) due to the threat of disruption of the heating season. The Prosecutor General’s office in connection with the complaint the acting head of the Republic of Komi Sergey Gaplikov on emergency state “Vorkuta HPP” instructed to check the readiness of the heating system West kavik “for the uninterrupted passage of a winter maximum”. “T Plus,” then promised to cooperate with law enforcement.

Before that, Russian President Vladimir Putin urged to stop the action of the “T Plus”, which instead of bringing the Vorkuta power system put it up for public auction. In may, the Board of Directors of “T Plus” approved the termination of participation in the authorized capital of Vorkutinskaya CHPP and the sale of 100% of the share capital. How, then, pojasnili the company we are talking about the approval of potential transactions which may be concluded later,” and the purchaser of these generating assets can become an independent investor.

The composition of the Vorkutinskaya CHP includes CHP-1 installed electrical capacity of 25 MW and the installed thermal capacity Gcal 176.h with Central boiler plant and CHP-2 with an installed capacity of 270 MW and heat capacity of 415 Gcal.h. TEPS-1 and boiler house supplying heat and hot water Vorkuta, noted on the website “T Plus”. CHP-2 power supply is only the Vorkuta power unit. Both power plants are mainly coal). Power generation Vorkutinskaya CHPP in 2015 amounted to 1.19 billion kW.h, heat – 1.63 million Gcal.

The Assets Of “Renova”

The “T Plus until June 2015 – “IES holding”) is a private company working in the field of electricity and heat, which combined power generation assets of “Renova” Viktor Vekselberg, and also includes gas and utility assets. The group is 59 power plants, more than 400 boiler plants and almost 15 thousand km of heat networks.

“Renova” — the shareholder “Russian aluminium” (UC Rusal), “Integrated energy systems”, “Russian communal systems”, Ural turbine plant, telecommunication company “AKADO”, etc.