The media learned about plans of Ukraine to boycott world Cup 2018 in Russia

The government of Ukraine and the football Federation of the country (FFU) is considering a boycott of world Cup 2018 held in Russia. This writes in Wednesday newspaper “Izvestia”, with reference to FFU.

“The authorities of Ukraine and officials of the FFU seriously considering the possibility of boycotting the upcoming world Cup 2018”, – leads edition of the words of his companion. The source noted that the Ukrainian side doubts that tensions with Russia will go back to the time of the tournament.

“In this regard, the Ukrainian sports officials are considering the scenario that the country will voluntarily refuse to participate in the finals of the world Cup in 2018 if the national team of Ukraine there is qualified”, he added.

Vice President of FFU Igor Kochetov told “Izvestia” that the moment would not want to touch the topic of politics. He recalled that the national team spent the first match in their group in qualifying for the 2018 world Cup qualifier against Iceland. He expressed hope that the national team performed successfully in qualifying.

“Qualifying will last for the national team of Ukraine for a year and a half, so to discuss anything prematurely. Let’s talk about it closer to the event. The task set by the head coach of the national team Andriy Shevchenko to leave the group and qualify for the 2018 world Cup. About what will happen next, will talk later”, – quote “Izvestia” comment Kochetova.