The number of Russian banks in the Crimea after the peak in 2014 has been halved

The number of Russian banks compared with the peak value in 2014 after the Peninsula became part of Russia, has decreased more than twice. This writes in Wednesday newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to data of the Central Bank.

As told the edition in the controller, the maximum number of credit institutions that registered the opening of the Peninsula its departments was recorded in December of 2014 and totalled 31 points. As of 1 September 2016, on the territory of Crimea worked units only 14 banks.

The vast majority of banks left the Peninsula in connection with the revocation of the licence of Bank of Russia: they lost 15 banks, from the data of the Central Bank. Another Bank — Krayinvestbank — was sanitized largest Crimean RNCB player.

Respondents edition experts believe that the fact that the vast majority of banks that came to the Crimea, left it in connection with the revocation of the license, characterizes the quality of these players.

“If you look at banks, initially coming to the Crimea, with rare exceptions, it was a small and not very well-known credit organizations, some of which among other things, the time was used in banking circles is not very good reputation”,— quotes the edition of the Deputy Chairman of the Board Lanta-Bank Dmitry Shevchenko.

Experts attribute the arrival in Crimea of weak banks with the expectation that the Central Bank might turn a blind eye to significant problems due to their “statist and socially important functions.” However, according to Shevchenko, the practice showed that the legal system and regulations of the Central Bank are United, and the campaign against the Crimea” did not save them from the revocation of the license.

The experts do not expect a significant increase in the number of banks in the Crimea and even predicting further reductions on the Peninsula.