The real cost of Russians fell below the level of 2012

Daily spending in August continued the summer trend of consumer downturn, with a decline of 2% compared to July, celebrates the research of holding “ROMIR”. In comparison with August 2015 they increased by 0.7% — is “not comparable modestly” with the accumulated inflation at 6.9%, the authors of the study. But “cleansed” of inflation factor the expenses of Russians were below levels of the past three years.

“Moreover, the August figure is the actual expenditure was even below the zero reference point in January 2012, down to the level of 98%”, — stated in the study.

The study was conducted in 181 towns with a population over 10 thousand people. It captures consumption 35 thousand Russians and 13.5 thousand households.

The decline in consumer activity in the summer was observed in previous years, but usually in August it has been adjusted in the direction of growth, indicated by the “ROMIR”. In 2016 the average bill is at the lowest level for seven months in a row, that is, consumers are less likely to go to the stores and continue to save, re-adjusted their budgets in order to maintain daily expenses at the lowest possible level,” the authors of the study. The share of expenditure on food in the total basket of daily expenses of Russians decreased from 67% in July to 50%, but experts “ROMIR” is not associated with “conscious consumers for savings products and the seasonal decline in prices. According to Rosstat, food prices in August fell by 0.4%, in particular vegetables on average fell by 17.5%. The Russians, as noted in the “Romira”, could spend more on manufactured goods, which, on the contrary, in August gained 0.4%.

According to Rosstat, inflation in the last month of summer was zero compared to July. The last time this figure was recorded in October 2009, since then prices have risen every month except for July to September 2011, when Russia experienced deflation. Compared to August 2015, prices increased by 6.9% and year — to-date is 3.9%.

More than other expenses in August had reduced the inhabitants of the Central Federal district (almost 10% in comparison with July), estimated by ROMIR. Muscovites have reduced costs amounted to 4.7% of St. Petersburg residents is 5.3%. However, saving the latter “did not affect the overall picture of expenses of inhabitants of the North-West, where the volume of daily spending in August was equal to the previous month, according to the study. In comparison with August 2015 the cost of Muscovites grew by almost 1%, and residents of St. Petersburg — by 6%.

Residents of cities have reduced expenditures by 1.6% compared with July and by 5% compared to the same period last year. Costs in smaller cities (population from 100 to 500 thousand people) decreased by 3.1% month-to-month, but increased by 9.3% year on year.

The Russians living in cities with a population of 500 thousand people, the costs in August compared to July increased by 3.9%, although falling in the previous two months. At the same time, in comparison with August 2015, the expenses decreased by 6.9%.

The growth of incomes people with average and high income in June and July gave way to decline, said “ROMIR”. In August, their income fell by 1.4% and 3.5%, respectively. The opposite trend recorded in people with low incomes — they increased by 0.6%, although it declined in the previous summer months.