The result tightened the prosecution of the former Governor of the Komi Republic

The bribe stock

The investigation has reclassified one of the articles of charges against the former Governor of the Komi Republic Vyacheslav Gaizer, with fraud more serious composition — receiving a bribe in especially large size (part 6 of article 290 of the criminal code). This was told by two sources close to the investigation confirmed the defendant’s lawyer Vyacheslav Leontiev. Any changes in the Market in recent years has not been, stated the Deputy, first Deputy head of the Investigative Committee on media relations Svetlana Petrenko.

The prosecution in the new edition Gaiser was filed in late August, say close to investigation sources . Now together Gaizer, is charged with four Criminal code — the establishment of a criminal Association, receiving a bribe in especially large size, legalization of proceeds of crime, and fraud (210, 290, 174.1 and 159 of the criminal code). The maximum punishment under article “a bribe in especially large size” can be imprisonment for up to 15 years. With a new accusation to the former Governor faces a maximum term of imprisonment of 25 years for multiple offenses. But the same term he could be appointed to weighting one of the articles of charges.

Bribe the prosecution believes the transfer in 2014, 50% of the company “Autocentre” on which balance there is the hotel “avalon”, entities under the control of the Republic’s administration, say sources close to the investigation. The hotel “avalon” is a 9-storey building in the centre of Syvtyvkar, built in 2007. According to the hotel reservation portal three-star hotel has 103 rooms and offers them at a price of 4,4 thousand rubles.

This asset, told the interlocutors that previously belonged to a former Senator of the Republic of Komi Yevgeny Samoilov. According to the investigation, for the protection of his business in 2014 Samoilov gave it to the people Gayzer. As follows from the database SPARK, 25% of the shares of the company “Avtotsentr” in 2014 was recorded on the offshore Cyprus company Samoilov Catamour Hoklings Limited, and the second part (25%) — the sister of one of his managers — Svetlana Camponovo. In 2014 both the share was formally sold to entrepreneur Aleksey Sokolov, insists the investigation.

Entrepreneur falcons, according to the SPARK database, in October 2014 became the owner of 50% shares of the company “Avtotsentr”, and in 2015, the asset was transferred under the control of the Republican leadership of the company “Hotel-Service” which owns them now. Another 50% of the company “Avtotsentr” since 2011 is owned by “complex”.

According to the prosecution, to give these transactions a legal form, the defendants convinced Samoilov to write ious in the amount of 129 million roubles, says the source . They also issued a loan and has acquired six Bank bills with a value of 27.5 million. Receipts and promissory notes are the formal pay-for transactions of purchase and sale of the shares of the hotel, according to investigators. The real value of the asset exceeds 160 million rubles, considered the prosecution.

“The new charge has hundreds of leaves, but half of them concerns the duties of Gaiser and the other defendants, the lawyer said Leontiev. — Samoilov convey their property due to debts to third parties, where is the market?”. According to the lawyer, on such trumped up charges, it would be possible to prosecute all the governors of the country.

The main witness

Gaiser and Samoilov, was detained at Domodedovo airport in September 2015. Then Gayzer in addition to criminal liability has been involved 19 people, 15 of which were in detention centers. In may 2016 Samoilov was placed under house arrest. According to sources close to the investigation, the status Samoylova can now be changed from accused to witness.

Immediately after the arrest Samoilov testified against the administration of the Republic, which served as important evidence against the leadership of the Republic. Then he said that 2007 was one of the investors in the Republic and told about the acquisitions of various assets by region, told a source close to the investigation. According to him, from the very beginning involved Syktyvkar LPK (a timber company) and LDK (wood processing plant), a regional dairy plant, plant of reinforced concrete products, as well as “Komi road company. The official charges against Gaiser and others involved in the case was originally brought only in the creation of a criminal community, and two counts of fraud.