The RTS index for the first time in may 2015 exceeded 1000 points

The RTS index, one of the main indices of the Moscow exchange on Wednesday morning rose to 1004,02 paragraph, which is about 0.87 percent higher than the close of trading Tuesday. The last time above the mark of 1000 points RTS index has risen 29 may 2015.

Simultaneously, calculated on the basis of ruble-denominated prices of the shares, the MICEX index rose during morning trading on September 7, approximately 0.5% and reached the level of 2050,71 points.

Thus, the value of the MICEX index reached a new historic maximum. The value of the RTS index remains far below its peak, recorded 19 may 2008 (2498,1 points).

Earlier, analysts of the Aton capital in its report predicted that the Russian stock market on Wednesday will be opened by increase of 0.5-1%

Analyst IK “Finam” Timur Nigmatullin believes that the market will provide the draft decree of the government that state-owned companies must pay dividends of at least 50% of IFRS net income.

“In addition, some support MICEX will have a rising in price of oil and the expected release of the strong statements of Sberbank under RAS for the first 8 months of 2016,” — said the expert.

Sberbank September 7 reported that in January-August 2016 year net profit nearly tripled compared to the same period of the previous year — from 112 billion rubles to 322,8 billion. Against the publication of statements the share price of Sberbank has set a new historic record at the maximum quotation has reached 152,77 rubles, which is almost 1.5% above yesterday’s closing level.