The son of Vice-President of LUKOIL have pleaded guilty in the case of races with police

Wednesday Gagarinsky court of Moscow has begun consideration of a resonant case of the son of the Vice-President of LUKOIL Ruslan Shamsuarov that in the spring of 2016 staged a race with the police on the Mercedes Gelandewagen.

In addition Shamsuarov on the dock were two of his friends — Abduvahob madzhidov and Victor Uskov. The victim recognized three police officers — inspectors of traffic police Alexey Gulyaev Pavel Bannikov and Alexander Kondakov who pursued violators. All six of the offending and the police arrived on Wednesday in court.

Threat speed

According to the indictment, which the court was read by the Prosecutor, the scandalous incident occurred on the night of may 22. Three friends in the car of the son of a top Manager of LUKOIL Mercedes Gelandewagen without numbers riding through the city, not observing the traffic rules. The car was driven by Maggiev, and the rest, as explained by the Prosecutor, gave advice and broadcast the trip on the Internet.

At Congress from the third transport ring they tried to stop the traffic police squad, but the young people have ignored the requirement of police officers.

A few minutes later on Leninsky Prospekt, the young people tried to detain the second crew employees, but Madiev turned in two solid and drove off in the direction in the direction of the field. Police found the car again after a certain time on the third ring road and organized a pursuit on several machines.

As follows from the materials of the case, the car of young men stopped only in the courts of quarter New cheremushek. On the way they berated and insulted the police officers, simultaneously broadcasting it on the Internet.

A few turns through two solid lines and traffic violations the consequence regarded as threats against police (article 318 of the criminal code) and insult to the law enforcement officers the investigation has determined under article 319 of the criminal code.

“The chase was a danger of our lives, he told the court one of the traffic police. — The road was wet, the speed is great — reached 200-250 km per hour, and our car and they were thrown to the road. Time was still unpleasant when they turned across the lawn and we almost collided.

According to him, the riders caught some crews of traffic police, were harassed and blocked their way.

No words

After the announcement of an indictment, the judge gave the floor to the accused. All three have declared that do not deny the events themselves, but do not admit guilt, as the prosecution formulated the result.

“I do not admit guilt, said Shamsuarov. — No threats of violence I have not expressed. In fact, there is no specific words, no specific expressions.” He noted that he now regrets the incident. “But crimes, which says a result, I did not commit,” said Shamsuarov.

Uskov also did not deny that was in the car, but no threat of life of employees from it did not come. Madiev in turn claimed, even though he was driving, the traffic police is not abused and no threat of life of employees did not create.