Fished pokemon in the temple of the blogger was released under house arrest

Sverdlovsk regional court on Thursday changed the measure of restraint 21-year-old blogger Ruslan Sokolovsky arrested after a game of Pokémon Go in the temple. About TASS said the press service of the court.

The court ruled to release the accused from custody and send him under house arrest.

Position re

The court hearing Thursday was held behind closed doors at the request of investigators. The Sokolovsky in court also delivered — he has been involved in the process via video conferencing, installed at the detention facility.

Before the start of the proceedings in support of Sokolovsky was made by the international human rights organization “Amnesty International”. The organization called the arrest Sokolovsky “attack of expression” and demanded his release. “Even if the behavior Sokolowski someone, perhaps, regards as disrespectful, the authorities should not put people in jail for offending religious feelings” — made a statement John Dalhuisen, Director for Europe and Central Asia of Amnesty International.

In support Sokolovsky was supported by the mayor of the city of Yekaterinburg, Roizman.”The whole story is very bad. She does not paint all participants — neither Ruslan nor the security forces nor the journalists who pulled it and issued a denunciation. None of those who now publishes videos of Ruslana. Neither the court. Sokolov — the most harmless of its members. The incident is a blow to the image of the city, according to the investment climate of the city. Who wants to invest in the city where can be arrested?” — leads the review Roizman news Agency RIA Novosti.

Initially in support of Sokolovsky was made by Metropolitan Kirill of Yekaterinburg and requested to release him on bail. But in consequence of the position of the Church has changed — the Russian Orthodox Church has declared that leaves the question of the measure of restraint Sokolowski at the discretion of law enforcement for his own re-education.

Pokemon and investigators

Sokolovsky was arrested on 2 September, and the next day the court issued a warrant for his arrest. The reason for the proceedings was a video in which Sokolowski plays in the Temple-on-blood in Ekaterinburg with the popular game Pokémon Go. Video is accompanied by obscene comments, stylized Christian chant.

This video was published on the Internet back in August and gained more than half a million views. But the criminal case was initiated only after the statement of the journalists

Now the consequence has seen in this clip several formulations of the Criminal code article 282 (inciting hatred or enmity on religious grounds) and article 148 of the criminal code (violation of the right to freedom of conscience and religion). He could face a sentence of up to 7.5 years of imprisonment.