The Ministry proposed to prove plagiarism in dissertations only through the courts

The Ministry of education and science has developed amendments to the regulations on awarding the academic degrees for which to apply the deprivation of a scientific degree because of incorrect borrowing in the dissertation will be possible only in the presence of entered into force court decision on the copyright infringement. Document published on the portal

“If the statement on deprivation of academic degrees serves in connection with the violation of requirements established by paragraph 14 hereof, then such statement shall be attached a copy of the judicial decision recognizing the breach of copyright by the person in respect of whom the application is made”, — the document says.

The fourteenth paragraph of the regulation States that “the thesis degree candidate must cite the author and source of borrowing of materials, or individual results.”

The Ministry of education confirmed to Vedomosti the fact of the development of this project. “That court [intellectual property rights] is that authority that may constitute the violation”, — quotes the edition statement. in the Ministry assured that the subject structure of persons entitled to apply for the deprivation of a scientific degree, will not be restricted.

One of the founders network community “Discerned” Andrew zayakin the publication said that the adoption of such amendments means “the victory of the plagiarist”. He believes that any statement about deprivation of degree Discerned submit now will not: “the court may apply only the one whose rights have been violated, but a “victim” of the plagiarist in court, not walk.” According to the former Deputy Minister of education and science Igor Fedyukin, the decision about violations in the theses of the scientific community moved to the court. “Obviously, I want to limit the possibilities for the revocation of degrees. Apparently, this is a political decision, moreover, dissovety in most cases, are not happy when politicians have to deprive the degrees”, he explained.

“But the recognition of theses unoriginal — it’s not a question of copyright. Degree is a question of public importance, now certification offer essentially replace the decision of the question between two individuals,” he said Fedyukin.

The member of expert councils of high attestation Commission Andrey Tsaturyan told the newspaper that the petition will apply only to the copyright holder. “In the case of customers “Discerneth” owner who sold the text to multiple people, will never go to court — as the one who bought this text before.”