Moscow VPB has limited operations on cash withdrawals from deposits and cards

Moscow VPB has limited operations on cash withdrawals from deposits and cards

Moscow. September 7. Military-industrial Bank (VPB), Moscow imposed restrictions on cash withdrawals from deposits and from Bank cards.

Customers of the Bank noted that attempts to transfer funds from the Deposit will be rejected and in offices do not accept additional contributions on Deposit if they are less than 5 million rubles. In addition, the Bank introduced restrictions on cash withdrawals with cards.

Complained customers

“Filed September 6 at the Bank branch for cash withdrawal from the card, which lists the salary, the rate “Comfort”. It turns out that since September 5, there were restrictions on daily cash withdrawals from cards of 50 thousand rubles and a monthly limit of 100 thousand rubles”, – says the Bank’s client on one of the forums.

“Employee of the call center assured me that any problems with withdrawals from the Deposit) will not. However, problems arose – money was not given to me, citing the fact that the Bank is upgrading software and information about it was received only on Saturday morning,” said the customer, who has contacted the Bank on 3 September.

What they say in the Bank

The reporter visited the Bank’s office on Bolshaya Bronnaya and reported that queues in the office there. The Bank staff said that in order to prematurely withdraw money from the Deposit, they must apply to be considered for about 5 days, leave your contact details and the Bank will contact the customer when the additional office will be supported by the necessary cash.

To recharge and discover new deposits cannot be, in these transactions the restrictions. Cash withdrawal from Bank cards the limit on Mastercard in the amount of 50 thousand rubles a day and 150 thousand rubles per month, Visa – 30 thousand rubles a day and 100 thousand rubles per month. To receive credit, you must contact the head office of the Bank. The calculations under accounts of legal persons are no changes, announced at the Bank’s office.

To obtain information in the call center failed.

“There is no suspension of the issuance of deposits, over the last few days really, the Bank issued large sums to investors. Currently organized reinforcement of our offices (liquidity). Offices will processionary, the results will be. All offices work in regular mode”, – said the head of the press service of the Bank Julia Myachina. She noted that on 3-4 September the Bank was a software update that could have caused anxiety of investors.

According to the Bank, the major shareholders of the Military-industrial Bank are citizens of the Russian Federation: Alexander Kachur – 18,8%, Basil Nosal was 20.6%, Mkrtich, Pecican – 6,6%; another 7.3% owned by OOO “Kamelot”, 7,1% – “Rodos”.

Military-industrial Bank in the first half of 2016 took the 98-th place by assets among Russian banks in the ranking “Interfax-100” prepared “Interfax-TSEA”. The liabilities of the Bank to physical persons on 1 August was 30.7 billion rubles.