Operators requested to go to the domestic equipment

Networks of Russian Telecom operators and data centers by 2020 needs to be 85% consist of equipment of domestic production. Such recommendations are contained in the draft “road map” for import substitution of telecommunication equipment in Russia for 2016-2020 developed by the subgroup, it+Sovereignty” under the administration of the President. About it writes on Friday “Kommersant” with reference to the text of the document.

“The current state of the telecommunications industry in the country is characterized by its dependence on foreign manufacturers of telecommunications equipment, manufacturers of electronic components and the dominance of overseas equipment in almost all areas, which created a threat to the security of the state”, — quotes the edition of the text of the document.

To implement this idea, the authors of the road map I propose to reduce VAT, profit tax and social payments for the Russian manufacturers of telecommunication equipment, as well as duties on imported components necessary for its production.

In parallel, it proposed to increase import duties on finished imported telecommunications equipment.

Also, the authors of the document suggest to impose a ban in 2017 for all operators on the use of foreign hardware and software in some areas. For example, “the accumulation of statistical data, testing, analyzing and filtering network packets by their content (DPI)” or the provision of services to government agencies, said the newspaper.

At the same time proposed to amend the licensing requirements for operators of changes related to the necessity of the use of telecommunications equipment and to introduce a legislative ban on the purchase of foreign telecollaborative in the presence of domestic analogues by government agencies and state-owned companies.

Experts interviewed by the publication, noted that the proposals could lead to higher prices for communication services and a decline in their quality. “Most of the prohibitive and protective measures proposed by the map will lead to the effect of the transfer of additional costs due to a higher equilibrium market value of the equipment and the increase in total cost of ownership for end users of telecommunication services or in the conditions of tough competition on the Telecom market to curb the development of communications networks and falling quality of services”, — leads edition of the words of the leading expert of the Institute of state and municipal management, HSE dmitrich Kozhevnikova.