Seismologists recorded an earthquake in Korea near nuclear test site

Recorded in Korea, an earthquake of magnitude 5.3 might be a nuclear test. About it reports Reuters with reference to the meteorological Agency of South Korea.

It is reported that the earthquake epicenter was placed near a known site, where Pyongyang in January of this year conducted a nuclear test, and was on the surface of the earth.

A similar statement was made by the Chinese center for monitoring earthquakes Cenc. In his statement said that the earthquake occurred at 8:30 local time at the earth’s surface and are most likely associated with an explosion.

The USGS estimated the magnitude of earthquakes in Korea of 5.3 and also stated that the jolt could have triggered the explosion.

The Japanese authorities also noted that there is a high probability that North Korea conducted another nuclear test. Reuters, citing a statement of the chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan announces that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe instructed the relevant ministries to collect and analyze incoming information about the events of the DPRK.