The head of Dagestan told about his role in the reconciliation of Putin and Erdogan

Negotiations on the restoration of cooperation between Russia and Turkey, which were severed due to downed Russian bomber, was conducted from the beginning of March, said one of the mediators in the process of the truce, the head of Dagestan Ramazan Abdulatipov. Relations between the two countries were frozen after the end of November last year, Turkish troops shot down a Russian SU-24 the Turkish-Syrian border. Vladimir Putin called the incident a “stab in the back”. Putin did not meet with Erdogan at the end of November in Paris and did not respond to a request for telephone conversations, in his speeches, he accused the Turkish government of collaborating with ISIS (banned in Russia organization). In late June, Putin received from Erdogan a letter of apology for the incident and the cooperation between the two countries resumed.

One of the participants in the reconciliation talks between the presidents was Abdulatipov, said in June the Turkish media. After two and a half months, the head of Dagestan told about how there were negotiations.

Without enthusiasm

Who was the initiator of the beginning of reconciliation talks — Turkey or Russia, ” Abdulatipov said. The Russian side approached the process “without much enthusiasm”, says the head of Dagestan. “We had to overcome a psychological barrier: Vladimir Putin had friendly relations with Erdogan, as you know, to make peace between two friends is much harder than people, strangers to each other,” explained the speakers. Therefore, said the head of Dagestan, the Russian side even before the talks asked “parameters”: Turkey had to Express regret over the incident, to apologize to the family of the deceased pilot and the leader of the country”, and also to pay compensation.

In late March, the Turkish side accepted these conditions, and then the negotiations began, said Abdulatipov. Then, according to the newspaper Hurriyett Daily News, press Secretary of the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Ibrahim Kalin wrote in the draft letter of Erdogan to Putin. After that, according to the publication, began Shuttle diplomacy by working in Dagestan a Turkish businessman Javita of Çağlar and abdulatipova. The head of Dagestan says now that they met with Çağlar at least four times, and the communication between them was not less than one hundred. Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov did not answer the question about how passed negotiations about reconciliation.

The Turkish side was the head of Turkish General staff Hulusi ACAR, and on the Russian side, apart from Abdulatipov, presidential aide Yuri Ushakov, says the head of Dagestan. These intermediaries previously called the newspaper Hurriyett the Kalin. Sam Kalin, according to the newspaper, would be assigned a contact person from Turkey in the negotiations with Ushakov.

According to Abdulatipov, he knows the Çağlar four years as “the person mobile and active, having regard to the Turkish General staff and other structures of power. Çağlar involved in politics in the 1990s, the years when he worked in the government of Turkish Prime Minister Suleyman Demirel.A Turkish businessman has to break the Russian-Turkish relations wanted to build in Dagestan textile factory. Local government project Çağlar supported and even prepared the industrial site the construction of a factory near Makhachkala. For the project it was decided to take the credit — Çağlar together with the authorities of Dagestan have filed an application in Veneconomy, but this application article adheres for three years. Because shot down in the skies over Syria Russian aircraft project textile factory was on the verge of collapse.

According to senior diplomatic sources and interlocutors Hurryiett, the possibility to use a communication channel Çağlar-Abdulatipov Erdogan in late April, the General said ACAR. ACAR told Erdogan that the businessman is familiar with the head of Dagestan Ramazan Abdulatipov who has contact with Putin through his adviser Yuri Ushakov, said Erdogan, head of the General staff.

According to Abdulatipov, he began to participate in the talks only after it received authorization from Ushakov. Ushakov, in turn, were providing “Advisory assistance” to the participants of the negotiations and passed on the information to Putin. The role Abdulatipov was to “make install” coming from Putin and the Ushakov Çağlar, who reported them to the head of the Turkish General staff.

A letter of apology

At the level of abdulatipova and Çağlar, according to the head of Dagestan, preparing draft letters of apology, which should have been signed by Erdogan. The draft letters are not edited, was inspired by the wishes of the wording on both sides. The original version of the letter was of a General nature”, stressed the speakers, it does not have anything that resembled an apology.

But in the end were found the wording, “who gave all”. Then the question arose of how to deliver a letter to Putin. “The Turkish side said there is an option to transmit email through Ushakov, and there is an option to pass it through Nazarbayev [President Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan]. I said that it is better to pass through Nazarbayev, because it’s higher level. Vladimir Putin has very good relations with Nazarbayev, so the opportunity to positively resolve the issue of reconciliation in this case will be more”, — said Abdulatipov.

Agreeing on who will deliver the letter, the representatives of Turkey and Russia decided that the statement should be done on 27 June in Moscow. What happened: 27 June, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov has declared to journalists that Erdogan, in his message to President Putin apologized in connection with the death of the Russian pilot in the downed su-24.

“And Vladimir Vladimirovich, in a sense, did erdoğan a favor: he went to meet before the Turkey was a coup. If a coup took place against the background of difficult relations with Russia, who knows what could have happened”, — said Abdulatipov. At some point, Abdulatipov said he told negotiators: “for the continuation of the conflict requires more courage than to remove him.”

“I say sorry, <…> in the name of pain relief and severity of the damage, we are ready for any initiative” — quoted the Kremlin fragment derived from Erdogan’s message. The English version of the message of Erdogan is also available on the website of the Kremlin, was changed during the day. Its original version, which saved the Google cache contained the expression “I apologise to them”, which is then replaced on the I am saying: “Excuse us.” Peskov explained the reason for the correction “specification of the translation”. Press Secretary of the Turkish President stressed that in the letter, Erdogan did not contain an apology.