The head of one of managements of Guebipk Ministry of internal Affairs detained for questioning

Acting head of Department “T” the Central Board of anti-corruption (Guebipk) of the MIA of Russia Dmitry Zakharchenko had been arrested the day before, September 8, in the case of abuse of authority. About it reports “RIA Novosti”, citing several sources familiar with the situation.

“Yesterday, Zakharchenko was detained, in the car, he found a large sum of cash. Today in his apartment, the FSB conducted a search,” — said one of interlocutors of the Agency. The source of the Agency said Zakharchenko, was arrested on an old case”. What kind of deal was going on, he said.

A source close to law enforcement, said Zakharchenko were questioned in the case of abuse of office (article 285 of the criminal code).

According to the source , the investigation dealt with by employees SKR and FSB only carried out operational support. They also raided the building of the Central administration of Quebec, the source said .