The Kremlin described the presence of six children the reason for the appointment of a new Ombudsman

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov commented on the appointment of Anna Kuznetsova for the post of Commissioner of the President on children’s rights. On Friday Vladimir Putin has signed the decree about dismissal from the post of Pavel Astakhov. By another decree he appointed Kuznetsov, President of the charity Fund of the support of family, motherhood and childhood “Pokrov” and the head of the Association of organizations for the protection of the family. In addition, she chairs the Executive Committee penzenskogo branch of the “popular front” took this year’s participation in the primaries of “United Russia”.

According to Peskov, the Kremlin considered the various candidates that showed “activity in the direction related to the direction associated with the protection of the rights of the child.” Kuznetsova, as he said, this area has quite a decent experience, despite the fact that she is quite young.”

“Most importantly, she gave birth to six children, it is more important than what I have listed. She has a wealth of experience and her personal qualities to be hoped that it will be able to be an effective Ombudsman”, — said Peskov.