The Supreme court will consider the question of removal of PARNASSUS from the election

On Thursday, the Supreme court received and filed an administrative case against PARNASSUS and of the CEC in connection with a claim of the party “Civil platform”, the statement reads on the website PARNAS, citing a court ruling. The Supreme Court will take place on September 12, the press service of the party.

The information about the date of hearing for September 12 published on the website of the Supreme court.

“Civic platform” demands to cancel the decision of the CEC from August 3 about the registration of a Federal list of candidates PARNAS in the elections of the state Duma.

Certain statements of the chair of PARNAS Mikhail Kasyanov, uttered during a debate on Central television are extremist in nature, according to claim, “Civic platform” of 8 September. In particular, it is noted in the document, Kasyanov publicly falsely accused President Vladimir Putin to facilitate Bashar Assad to use chemical weapons against the civilian population of Syria.” Kasyanov is running for the first number in artspace PARNASSUS.

From “Civil platform” there are claims and to other candidates from the first three of the party.

Saratov blogger Vladimir Maltsev, who’s second on the Federal list of the opposition party, Civic platform accused of calling for extremist activity for use of the statements “revive Russia” and “to loose”. According to the “Civic platform”, this is a call for the violent overthrow of the constitutional order in the country.

The historian Andrei Zubov, who is running under the third number in artspace, is accused of the statement that the power in Russia seized by the heirs of the Bolsheviks –”Putinists”.

Guide PARNASSUS believes have studied the text of the claim and believes the claim is legally untenable and will defend its position, said the Chairman of PARNASSUS Konstantin Merzlikin. He expressed the opinion that if the claim is “Amateur” Civil platform”, the serious consequences for the party will not follow.

“But we understand that most of the entities participating in these elections, are controlled by the Kremlin and the likelihood is that the lawsuit was filed at the direction of the presidential administration,” — said the source publication. In this case, we should expect more serious consequences, said the Chairman of the party.