The U.S. Congress has allowed to sue Saudi Arabia for September 11

The U.S. house of representatives approved a document authorizing the families of the victims of the attacks organized by the international terrorist organizations in the United States, to bring claims against States supporting them on American soil, reports Bloomberg. The document will allow the authorities to seize Bank accounts and assets in other countries in the United States. In mid-may, the document was approved by the Senate.

The initiative, in particular, will allow Americans who lost relatives in the September 11 attacks to sue Saudi Arabia. Of the 19 participants in the September 11 attacks, 15 were citizens of this country. According to unconfirmed reports, the results obtained by held in Congress of the investigation showed that the terrorists received assistance from officials associated with the Saudi authorities. In Saudi Arabia itself these suspicions categorically rejected.

As reported by a former adviser to Barack Obama’s middle East policy Dennis Ross, in Riyadh, the decision of the Congress will be seen as a hostile act. According to him, the Obama administration will do everything in order to veto this document. However, the fact that the document was virtually no opponents among lawmakers, may allow Congress to overcome a veto, Bloomberg reported.

Previously, the government of Saudi Arabia has threatened that in case of adoption of law the authorities and they sell us Treasury bonds and other American assets for a total amount of $750 billion.

“The vote shows the fact that outside the White house virtually no supporters of close cooperation with Saudi Arabia,” — said Professor University in Texas Gregory Gause. The expert of the Middle East Institute in Washington Thomas Lippman pointed out that the US and Saudi Arabia have common interests in the Persian Gulf region, including in the issue of countering Iran.

A series of four terrorist attacks occurred in the US on 11 September 2001. Then 19 terrorists divided into groups, hijacked four passenger aircraft. Victims of attacks are 2977 people.

In 2002 a report was published about the investigation of the terrorist attacks, but part of it was classified. A number of American media reported that it said on the possible involvement of certain individuals and legal entities of Saudi Arabia to these attacks.