Trump criticized the American media for dishonesty Russian channel RT

Billionaire Donald trump, being the candidate for US presidents from Republican party has criticized American foreign policy and American journalists in an interview aired television channel RT America. Answering a question from host Larry king that his biggest surprise in the election campaign, the businessman said that this is the dishonesty of the media.

“The media was incredibly unfair,” said trump. He explained that journalists are taking his statement, and then edit them and distort the meaning. “All of a sudden, it looks not so great, as when it is pronounced. The media is stunningly dishonest. Obviously not all, but stunningly unfair”, — said the candidate.

Trump also touched upon the issues of the campaign, the American invasion of Iraq and alleged hacking Russian hackers of the databases of the Democratic party. In particular, he said that his opponent from the Democrats Hillary Clinton there is no ability to return America to greatness. According to trump, Clinton, no presidential Ghost, and he noted that we are not talking about his personal animosity. “I would like to show brilliant work. We then would not have all these problems, and I would not put forward his candidacy,” he was quoted by the Russian website RT.

The billionaire called the error catastrophe and the entry of American troops in Iraq. According to him, the war in Iraq, spent $6 trillion, which “we could double-to rebuild our country.”

Answering the question whether he believes the reports that Russian hackers broke into the database of the Democrats to influence the electoral process, trump said he does not believe. “I think it likely, unlikely. I think maybe the Democrats did all this. Who knows? But I think it’s very unlikely.”

King also asked trump about the words of Vladimir Putin, who in an interview with Bloomberg rejected the involvement of the Russian authorities to the hacker attack on the database of the Democrats, but considers it important to society the content of the published leaks. “I have no opinion on this issue. I know nothing about it. I don’t know who got hacked. I’m not sure. You are here talking. And who was hacked? Who conducted a hacker attack?” — said trump.

Trump also said that he has a serious plan to combat the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (banned in Russia), but did not share the details, so as not to give the enemy the advantage.

Business publication The Wall Street Journal noted that the interview lasted ten minutes and ended abruptly when the relationship with trump is terminated, and the king looked confused.

The Democrats in the election campaign repeatedly criticized trump for his positive comments about Russia and its leadership. Wednesday on NBC, he said that the Russian President is a stronger leader than Barack Obama, and promised to establish with Putin “very good relationship”. In July, trump urged Russia to publish the missing correspondence Clinton via e-mail.

After the interview with trump on RT America influential Republican analyst John weaver called “crazy” the decision of the candidate in US presidents to appear on the network owned by the Russian state. He stressed that to condemn the American media on the Russian TV channel “outrageous even by the low standards of the trump.”

In the campaign headquarters of the Republican candidate told The Washington Post that he did not know that the interview will be broadcast on RT. “Mr. trump recorded a short interview with Larry king for his podcast, in deference to Mr. king. What Larry king will do with the content of the interview — that’s his business; we have nothing,” said the publication, an unnamed representative of trump.

A similar statement signed by the press Secretary of trump hope Hicks, got an email to the WSJ. Another representative candidate Jason Miller explained to CNN that Trump did not say that the interview will be shown anywhere else, and he wouldn’t have agreed to interview if I knew that it will be shown on RT.

On the RT website stated that trump was “the guest of the program PoliticKing” and gave her an exclusive interview with presenter Larry king.