In Congress, Obama chided the connivance of the DPRK’s nuclear programme

Incumbent President Barack Obama and former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton came under a wave of criticism after another test of a nuclear device in North Korea, writes Politico.

In the opinion of political opponents of the current administration, now Obama has enough leverage to punish those companies, primarily Chinese, who cooperate with the DPRK.

As stated by the speaker of the house Paul Ryan, Obama had to immediately use given earlier this year of powers in the imposition of sanctions against those who cooperate with North Korea.

Ryan believes that the U.S. President does not dare to impose sanctions against Chinese companies, he described Beijing as a major sponsor and trade partner of Pyongyang.

The headquarters of the Republican candidate Donald trump made a statement in which he accused the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the nuclear tests of Pyongyang. “Today announced that North Korea conducted its fifth nuclear test — fourth of the moment when Hillary Clinton became Secretary of state. This is another giant failure of a failed Secretary of state. It all failed,” — said in a statement.

Clinton herself said Friday that it intends to toughen sanctions against North Korea in addition to the sanctions that have already introduced or proposed by the Obama administration.

North Korea has officially reported the fifth nuclear test on the morning of Friday, September 9. From the statements of Pyongyang that the DPRK is now able to equip the newly developed nuclear warheads of ballistic missiles in service with the North Korean army.

Suspicions that North Korea conducted the largest in its history, the nuclear test came after the night of Friday in Korea, an earthquake of magnitude 5.3. Its epicenter was located on the surface of the land near the nuclear test site, where Pyongyang in January this year, conducted its previous, its fourth nuclear test.

In January 2016, the DPRK announced the successful test of a hydrogen bomb. After that Congress passed the law, which the U.S. President the discretion to impose sanctions not only against the DPRK but also against those suspected of cooperation with Pyongyang.

In March 2016 Obama signed a decree on new sanctions against North Korea. The most stringent over the last 20 years sanctions against North Korea also introduced the UN security Council.