Kerry and Lavrov announced the agreement of a joint plan by Syria

The U.S. and Russia have developed a joint plan to resolve the situation in Syria. About the joint with the head of the Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov press conference said the head of state Department John Kerry.

“Today, the United States and Russia announced the plan, which we hope will reduce violence, suffering, and resume the movement toward peace negotiations and a peaceful settlement in Syria. We hope that if the plan is fully implemented, it will be a turning point,” Kerry said (quoted by RIA Novosti)

Kerry explained that the plan includes “tough approach”.

According to Kerry, the United States and Russia call on all parties in Syria to commit themselves to cessation of hostilities from 00:00 on September 12. The plan also imposes on the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s commitment not to fly combat aircraft in Syria and not to inflict strikes on the positions of the opposition, as well as the creation of a demilitarized zone around Aleppo. Implementation of the plan, said Kerry, it depends on Damascus, and the Syrian oppoztsii.

The cornerstone of the agreement, according to Kerry, was the agreement on the termination of flights of the aviation of the Syrian government forces in areas where there is opposition. “We agreed on such measures with which the Syrian regime can no longer carry out military flights where there is opposition in those areas where we agreed. After this agreement is fully implemented, the regime will no longer be able to do what worked in the past and is supposedly directing their military operations against Nusra [jabhat al-Nusra”], he at the same time, bombed the opposition”, — said Kerry.

Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the work on the agreement lasted from February 2016. The Minister said that the agreed plan consists of five documents. Lavrov said that these documents are not published because they contain sensitive information they should not fall into the hands of those who seek to disrupt the truce in Syria. The main content of the agreements will be submitted to International Syria support group (ISSG) and the UN security Council.

A key element of the plan, according to Lavrov, began the task of distinguishing the terrorists and the moderate opposition. To this end, Russia and the United States will create spetstsentr involving the military and intelligence services, which will deal with the delimitation of the parties in Syria and the coordination of strikes on terrorists. After this concerted air strikes against terrorists will be applied only Russian VCS and U.S. air force.

The parties also agreed on procedures for the response to the violation of the ceasefire regime, the mechanisms of this response will be available from September 12.

The first step, according to Lavrov, is the reaffirmation of the cease of hostilities, first 48 hours, then renew it for another 48 hours, and later the regime should come into effect on a permanent basis. “After this regime will operate seven days will create a joint Executive center in which the military, and the intelligence services of Russia and the United States will deal with the practical issues of distinguishing the terrorists and the moderate opposition and separation of the moderate opposition from the terrorists, and the terrorists will be consistent blows air and space forces of Russia and Military-air forces of the USA”, — said Lavrov.

Absolute guarantee the implementation of the agreement on Syria one can not give, said Lavrov, as too many players involved in this process. However, the Russian foreign Minister said that the Syrian leadership is familiar with the joint plan and is ready to implement. “The Syrian leadership is aware of us with these arrangements and are ready to fulfill them. Support what we have agreed with the United States,” he said. In turn, Kerry said that the Syrian opposition is ready to provide proof of compliance with the ceasefire.

At a press conference following talks were also made by the special envoy of the UN Secretary General on Syria Staffan de Mistura. “We believe that the political will that led to this agreement, creates a further “window of opportunity”, and all the actors really need to put an end to the crisis, to reduce the suffering of the people,” he said and added that the UN is ready to provide all possible assistance to stop the violence in Syria.