Medvedev announced the availability of the vehicle in every family

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev said that every Russian family has a car and called the road an absolute priority for the government. The corresponding statement Medvedev made in the program “Vesti on Saturday”. The text of the interview published on the government website.

During an interview with host of the program Sergei BRILYOV talking about road works. The presenter said that twice stood on the roads due to congestion, namely due to maintenance of road works, noting that “work is going”.

Medvedev noted that it is “important statement” and said that during meetings with the governors talked about the need to send on the road “even those small funds that you can release”.

“The population of our country has become absolutely car. In the Soviet period the car was every tenth person. Now the car is in every family, all go. Therefore the road is an absolute priority,” he said.