Medvedev reminded about the responsibilities of power, “always tell the truth”

According to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, over the past 15 years, pensions in Russia in the nominal value increased almost 15 times, but the “real growth, of course, not so great.”

“The authority is always obliged to speak the truth — this is my position, I’m sticking to it, even if it not always brings positive emotions. Indeed, this year we are faced with very serious problems in the financial sector. The reasons are known, they are associated with low prices for oil, gas”, — said Medvedev in an interview to “Vesti on Saturday”.

The Prime Minister stressed that the decision on lump sum payments to pensioners 5 thousand. “absolutely compatible” with indexing for the majority of pensioners.

“Those pensioners who do not receive large pensions — and there are a significant number in our country who live very modestly, for them it is comparable fully with the indexing, which they received, and some categories even higher this index”, — said Medvedev.

In 2015, the government suspended the application norms of the law providing for the indexation of pensions to inflation for the previous year. As a result, in February 2016, pensions were increased by 12.9% and only 4%. At the same time during the state of the economy at mid-year was planned to discuss the possibility of a second indexing.

In late August, Medvedev announced the government’s decision to replace the second indexation of pensions lump sum payment in the amount of 5 thousand rubles in January 2017.

At the end of may, the Prime Minister during his visit to the Crimea responded to the complaint of the pensioner about the lack of indexation in the Republic. “Just no money. Find the money, will do the indexing. You stay here, you all the best, good mood and health,” — said Medvedev.