Putin and Medvedev ate soup with fishermen in the Novgorod region

Putin and Medvedev during a walk on a boat on the lake Ilmen met on the island by local fishermen who near the fire gave them a soup, informs the Agency “RIA Novosti”. The President asked what made the soup, and he replied that the taste it is made from Sudak.

“I have not a single piece of fish there,” — said during the dinner, the Prime Minister, “But delicious.”

After dinner, the fishermen invited Putin and Medvedev to come back to them in Novgorod oblast, vowing to cook more nourishing soup.

Earlier it was reported that on the island of Lipno Putin and Medvedev visited the Church of the end of XIII century.

As explained on Saturday, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, Putin and Medvedev decided to spend the weekend together in the fresh air and they chose Novgorod oblast. “Moreover, this region loves Putin,” said Peskov.

18 September in Russia held elections to the State Duma. Election list of “United Russia” at them was headed by Dmitry Medvedev. The sources pointed out that a week before the vote, “United Russia” intends to launch the third consecutive wave of agitation, the purpose of which is to attempt to connect the President’s rating with the rating of the party. This will be prepared by the new banners. One of them is a galvanizing call to “vote for the party of the President. For The “United Russia”!”. On the other appears the quote of Vladimir Putin to the Congress of “United Russia” “to Value people’s trust, promise only what you can accomplish.”

According to the “Levada-center” (recognized in early September a foreign agent), at the end of August for the “United Russia” was going to vote 31% of the total number of respondents (8% less than in the beginning of the year) and 50% of those intending to participate in the elections.

The first Deputy head of the presidential administration Vyacheslav Volodin at a meeting with analysts said that the rating of party different trend in different regions. “The trend is different, he said. — In some areas it is flat, in some areas, including St. Petersburg, falling in parts of the territories, including Moscow”. However, he claimed that the campaign “United Russia” is now more successful than at the previous elections of the state Duma 2011. According to him, now the ratings are higher than they were in 2011 two weeks before the election, he said.