Navalny invited the opposition to withdraw from the election five candidates in Moscow

Navalny urged the opposition not to do anything stupid and not to split the electorate. The appeal published on the website Navalny.

“Please make the obvious step to at least slightly increase the chances of your candidates to win. After all, you know a terrible secret: so no one’s getting elected. Let’s at least three districts are clear, making the United candidates,” Navalny wrote.

He suggested “Apple” to remove two candidates in favor of PARNASSUS, in the other two districts are candidates PARNASSUS must, according to Navalny, to abandon the struggle in favor of “Apple”.

Maria Baronova, which is supported by the project “Open Russia” Khodorkovsky Mihaila must concede Andrei Zubov, who goes from PARNASSUS, said Bulk.

In his appeal, Navalny said that “Democrats will never unite and if they are close to it, the Kremlin will always make dependent pseudo-democratic party that it would be pointless Association. “However, the fact that the Democrats are unable to unite should not mean that they should do silly things”, — the statement says.